• Build Up Assets With A Share Savings Plan

    Build Up Assets with a Share Savings Plan

    Interest rates at banks have been tending toward zero for years. Other forms of investment are also no longer very lucrative. Recently, some banks have started offering share savings plans. In these securities savings plans, the customer pays a certain amount each month, which is then invested in shares of a specific company or companies. … Read more


  • Can forex brokers help to achieve success in forex trading

    Can Forex Brokers Help to Succeed in Forex Trading?

    Achieving success in forex trading is not that easy. In fact, this endeavor is not a get-rich-quick business as many imagine it to be. If you have been in the currency world for quite some time, you probably know that there are actually more losers than winners. That’s a fact we all have to accept. … Read more


  • Digitization of the stock market

    Digitization of the Stock Market: How Corona Changed Trading

    The Corona pandemic has ensured that more people have become involved with the stock market than at any time in the last 20 years. Thus, there has been a growing interest among the younger generations in particular. It almost looks as if the young have discovered the securities market for themselves in 2020. Probably also … Read more



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